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Psychological Testing Services In South Florida

Psychological testing is a rather difficult process to explain. Chances are that you have visited this link, if not for curiosity alone, your healthcare provider has made such a recommendation. Psychological testing takes a variety of forms with a multitude of purposes.

Any testing has the goal of clarifying a question: Why is my son exhibiting these symptoms? Is my daughter appropriate for gifted classes? My husband had a car accident a few years ago and his personality has changed. Is this emotional or has his injury caused this change? I am a doctor and my patient has seizures, but here don't seem to be neurological problems? Is there a psychological problem or underpinning? What is the best mode of treatment for my child with ADHD symptoms?

The questions are endless, but the purpose of testing is to answer them as thoroughly as possible. Each referral question requires a different set of tests and tools, as well as amounts of time. Testing can be a costly process as such. Most insurances have limited testing coverage, so you can expect to incur uncertain costs.

Typically, a psychological testing consists of an intake meeting where the evaluator assesses the problem and the course of testing, including the tools to be used and the length of time necessary for the testing. A report is written and a "debriefing session" is conducted in which the evaluator presents the report and discusses the findings face-to-face. An intervention plan is discussed as well.

If you have any questions about our Psychological Testing services in the South Florida area contact us today.

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