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Why I believe in Weight-Loss Surgery…..for the right person!

The pre-surgical evaluation for anyone considering weight-lose surgery is a critical step in the process toward permanent weight loss. It is through this comprehensive Psychosocial Evaluation where it can be determined who “that right person is for weight-loss surgery”. And, believe it or not, many people are “that right person” for whom Bariatric Surgery is […]

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Weston PsychCare offers Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Evaluations

My name is Sammi L. Siegel, Ph.D., LMHC and I specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders, particularly on the Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating Disorders, and the Obesity end of the spectrum.  I have been helping patients for over 16 years as they prepare for a new relationship with food and with their bodies following […]

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Choosing A Therapist

What an incredible dilemma one has in their pursuit to find the right therapist.  I often playfully comment that we will spend more time researching a vehicle than the person commissioned to assist us with our emotional problems.  In all fairness, the choice of a therapist is a cumbersome one.  After all, how many of […]

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Tips for Teens on Getting Organized

Many parents have recently expressed concern for their children who are entering middle or high school.  They are worried that their children are not prepared for the workload and demands on organization and planning.  Unfortunately most schools do not directly teach these skills even though a high premium is placed on them.  Below you will […]

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Announcing New Women’s Stress Management Group at Weston PsychCare

Dr. Katie Lundin-Zemnovich, PhD, LMFT is holding an all women’s support group designed to help women decrease stress, manage emotions, and enhance functioning and quality of life within an array of everyday challenges. This confidential supportive psychotherapy group meets weekly in Weston, FL and offers an incredible opportunity for women of all ages to gain […]

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Psycho-educational Testing: What Parents Need to Know

  By David Krasky, Psy.S.   When parents decide their child needs psycho-educational testing, it is important that they make sure testing is conducting ethically and by a licensed school or clinical psychologist.  Nowadays, many professionals use the “cookie-cutter” approach and give the same battery of tests to all clients.  At Weston Psych Care we […]

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Now That You Have Decided to Get Divorced, Choose the Collaborative Process By Enid Ponn

Breaking up a family is extremely sad. Add to that the devastating nature of the divorce process itself, and the result is a traumatic and destructive event. Unfortunately, in litigation, the “event” can take a year or two to conclude. During this time, your life is not your own. You attend depositions, hearings, conferences, mediations, […]

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Spanish Speaking Therapists In Weston

If English is your second language, it is challenging to live in a culture where Spanish is not the primary language. It is important to improve your skills by immersing yourself in an English speaking culture. Psychotherapy, however is a different story. If you are not fluent in English, your brain processes information in a […]

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Gifted Testing For Weston and West Broward

Weston PsychCare, P.A. is pleased to announce that it will begin the “season” of conducting gifted testing for the 2012-2013 academic year. It is important for parents to be ahead of the curve and not wait to have their child tested. Unfortunately, we are all prone to procrastination…after all, we are human. But if gifted […]

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Most people have heard of the old adage “everyone has baggage.” In other words, most people, if not everyone, have emotional issues. When it comes to love relationships, be they marital or dating, emotional issues are quite common. The reader very likely knows of people who tend to have troublesome marriages, or singles who seem […]

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