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How to Make a World Of Difference in a Different World

Don't watch the news! If you do, it can be disheartening, disappointing and toxic. Our world has a history of ebbing and flowing between peace and chaos which has only been exacerbated by the invention of nuclear weapons, advanced technology and "fake news". It's much less stressful to ignore the atrocities of daily life and focus on cute pet or baby videos. However, one easy way to feel more empowered and purposeful is to take action. This can be true for any age group. Below are some quick ways you can make a difference today:

1. E-mail

Most of us are on our phones or computers everyday. It will only take about 5 minutes to e-mail any or all of your representatives about topics that are meaningful to you. Here is a quick link to find out who your representatives are: https://whoismyrepresentative.com/

2. Text

By using the Resist Bot https://resist.bot/ you can send a text or fax directly to your representatives. This bot will create your opening and closing and offer you different topics to write about. Text "Resist" to 50409 to begin.

3. Create your own group

Whether it is online or in person, we need to begin fighting against the isolationism that has become commonplace in our culture. It doesn't matter what kind of group you want to start. For teens, it may be a gaming or movie group that meets regularly to enjoy hobbies. Adults can start their own fun or healthy groups in areas like working out, mental health, card games, networking groups, etc.

4. Talk and Listen

This probably sounds ridiculous. I mean, "talk" and "listen". You do this everyday right? You'd be surprised how often in practice I hear adults and teenagers alike report that they do not feel like they are listened to and have very few people to talk to. Thinking micro instead of macro can be easier and less intimidating. Next time you are in line at a grocery store or having a drink at Starbucks, talk to a stranger. Listen to that stranger. You might be making a world of difference!

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