Terry Newell, PsyD

Psychologist Terry Newell, PsyD

I am a clinical psychologist, a FSCH (Florida Society for Clinical Hypnosis) trained hypnotherapist and FSCH board member. I work with: adolescents, adults, and the elderly. I treat people who present with problems related to anxiety, depression, stress, mood disorders, self-esteem, anger management and relationship issues. I have a strong background in treating people with a history of trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse. I am a member of EDCOM (Eating Disorders Coalition of Miami) and support the Alliance for Eating Disorders.

My career history includes having worked as a therapist at community mental health centers, inpatient programs, and private practice. Additionally, I have worked in a day camp for preschool children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, at a battered woman's shelter, and an adult day care facility.

My approach to treatment is to assess where the patient is emotionally, to build a therapeutic relationship with them, and then use a variety of approaches to help resolve problems and improve their lives. I accept out of network clients and will negotiate affordable fees for self-pay. I have Saturday hours, only.

If you have any questions for Dr. Newell call her today at 954-385-4696 or contact her by email.


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