School Psychologist David Krasky Psy.S.

School Psychologist David Krasky, PsyS

David is a licensed school psychologist specializing in working with children and adolescents from birth to age twenty-one. Before becoming a school psychologist, David worked as a teacher in Broward county working with children who have severe emotional disturbances. After a year-long internship in Palm Beach County, he worked for five years at the University School of Nova Southeastern University assisting students, parents, and faculty with educational and psychological difficulties. In addition, David has taught graduate level classes, conducted presentations to school faculty and parents, supervised graduate students, and consulted with public and private school educators.

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He specializes in psycho-educational testing including assessing gifted abilities, learning disabilities, autism, executive dysfunctions and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). David also has vast experience running social skills groups for children who need direct instruction in specific skills such as basic and advanced conversation, reading non-verbal cues and social decision making and problem solving. David also helps families with behavioral difficulties in the home by coaching parents on behavior modification and modeling appropriate skills.

Social Skills: Promoting Positive Behavior, Academic Success, and School Safety

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