Psychological Intakes In South Florida

While psychological intakes are conducted differently by each therapist, there are certain commonalities that run throughout. A psychological intake is essentially an initial meeting. In this meeting, the therapist obtains a variety of information related to your reason for seeking assistance. This information consists of the presenting problem, the history of this problem, a more extensive inquiry about a client's life beyond problem areas (family history, occupational, military, legal, etc.), and areas in one's life that seem to be going well. Much of the information may seem irrelevant, but a good intake reflects the therapist's appreciation for the person in his or her entirety.

In the case of a minor, a therapist may wish to get information from multiple parties including parents and siblings. There is much more variation in how therapists conduct intakes with children. Some may wish to meet only with the child or adolescent for the first meeting, yet others may only wish to meet with parents.

An intake is also an important time for the client to "assess" the therapist. In this meeting, the client gets a sense of what the therapist might be like in sessions. Some clients look for a certain "personality style."up" the therapist to ensure a good treatment fit.

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