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Family therapy is as unique as the family presenting for help. There are a large number of treatment models for family counseling services, some of which focus on the problem and others which examine how the family is structured and what changes to the structure may be needed. There are an infinite number of family structures and styles and methods of dealing with family difficulties.

There are times when the entire family may be involved in the therapy process and other times where only part (or even one member) of the family may be present. Extended family members may be involved as well, depending upon who lives at home. Oftentimes, family therapy is indicated as an adjunct to individual therapy. For example, if an adolescent is having behavioral difficulties, individual therapy may assist the child in dealing with his issues, while family therapy may assist the family in looking at how it unintentionally fuels the problem and how to better address the child struggles. Some family therapy methods are short term and others require more extensive work.

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